Quality Standards


     Henan Gutailang Foods Co., Ltd. has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. The company adopts the ISO9001 "Quality Management System Requirements" standard to provide customers with satisfactory products and services, effectively regulate employee behavior, and continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
Domestic market:
    All mushroom products sold by Gutailang are executed in accordance with the national industry standard GH/T1013-2015.
   1. In terms of size, thickness, opening degree, handle length, color, fragrance, impurities, moisture content, etc., Gutailang takes flexible and targeted quality requirements to meet different requirements according to different products and different customers. Different needs of customers.
   2. In terms of mildewed mushrooms, maggots, and malignant impurities, Gutailang insists on the appearance of moldy mushrooms, maggots, and malignant impurities such as metallic foreign materials regardless of any orders.
   3. In respect of heavy metals and sulfur dioxide content, Gutailang strictly follows the national standards GB/T5009.11, GB/T5009.17 and other related standards, and performs sample testing every six months at the Nanyang Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau to ensure that the products meet the national standard. .
      Total arsenic: ≤0.5mg/Kg
      Lead: ≤1.0mg/Kg
      Total mercury: ≤0.1mg/Kg
      Cadmium: ≤0.5mg/Kg
      Sulfur dioxide: ≤0.05mg/Kg
Foreign market:
       At present, Gutailang's international market is dominated by Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. International market business accounts for about 40% of the company's total business volume.
       In response to the European market, in June 2016, Gutailang  commissioned the SGS Qingdao Testing Center in Switzerland to do 191 tests for pesticide residues, and all of the items were qualified.
       According to the FDA's strict requirements for carbendazim, each batch of products exported to the Unit