Foreign Trade Cooperation

Foreign Trade Cooperation

       Gutailang's foreign trade business currently accounts for about 40% of the company's total business volume, and overseas markets are mainly based in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. In June 2016, the products successfully passed 191 pesticide residues testing at the Swiss SGS Qingdao Testing Center, and all of the projects were qualified.

       Gutailang's overseas business currently focuses on cooperation with foreign trade companies. It takes the form of OEMs, and some customers use the "Gutailang" trademark to sell overseas.

       The company's foreign trade business adopts a flexible and diversified cooperation approach, tailoring individual product and packaging solutions to meet the needs of different countries and countries. We can provide the product barcode for free for domestic and foreign customers.

       The company is equipped with a tiltable double-chamber vacuum packaging machine, external vacuum packaging machine and automatic sealing machine. In addition, there are supporting packaging bags and packaging boxes in the domestic cooperative production enterprises. Regardless of product or packaging, we will never change our pursuit of perfection.