Quality Control


Purchasing process:
      Gutailang strictly control the procurement of raw materials at the very beginning, according to the 1SO9001 quality management system, established procurement control procedures, formulated the criteria for selection, evaluation and re-evaluation of suppliers, and clarified the control requirements of the procurement process. Any old raw materials or worms will not be stored in the warehouse. The company's raw materials are all from unpolluted highland areas and rural areas far from cities and industrial and mining areas, ensuring that water and soil are not contaminated.
Drying process:
      The company uses stainless steel automatic temperature control electric dryer to prevent secondary sulfide pollution.
Filtering links:
      Misoaro's screening equipment is made entirely of stainless steel to prevent paint and rust from falling off and producing impurities. In addition, during the screening process, the raw materials are subjected to a magnetic suction device to adsorb iron and steel impurities, and then the hair and the film are sucked into a dust collection cabinet through a strong dust suction device. Finally, after the size of the sieve sieve size.

Packaging process:
      In order to ensure the products are protected from secondary pollution and ensure that customers receive a good condition when they receive the company's products, the company strictly selects packaging companies, packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic film ziplock bags and heat-sealing bags, and woven bags. All manufacturers that use production qualifications and printing business licenses must provide factory inspection reports for each batch of packaging materials. The company is equipped with high-sensitivity digital metal detectors, vacuum packaging after the small package must pass the digital metal detector detection and security before they can be put into storage.
Storage section:
      Every year from May 1st to October 1st, all unused raw material products are stored in the company's raw material cold store to ensure the freshness of the raw materials and to prevent worms and mildew.